Sunday, 14 October 2012

Art Sköol.

While school is not completely in full swing (I'm going to classes, but other than reading, there's not much on the plate yet...I completely just jinxed myself didn't I?), we've being doing quite a lot of collaborative activities in different modules, and I've been trying to get myself warmed up a little at home.

Here's some images from the last week and a bit.

Working on a crumpled dish cloth in my sketchbook.

Playing with the camera (still haven't read the manual).

School looking regal (despite the rain).

 ....and this is what happens when the teacher gives the class one word, and leaves the room for 45 minutes (a strategy I'm seriously contemplating employing with my gr. 8s).


Art students defying gravity. She never said, "Don't tape the chair to the wall"!

There was also some brainstorming (on the wall of course). The key (or so I'm quickly learning), is there is no slash or hyphen between the word Artist and Teacher. We are ARTIST TEACHERS (or at least we will be if/when we finish this program).

My Studio Space. Clean and Empty. Should I be doing something? No, really, should I have started something?

I'm being completely serious, it's all very vague, and I have no idea.

I need an Adult.

And you can tell what's been on my mind. 

Yes, mom's knee replacement surgery was this week.

A doodle on route to school on the train.

This happened on Thursday when I went to mess with Wednesday night's Art Therapy piece (I hated it). A seriously toxic looking glue stick. Did you know they were capable of such things?

Cutting up my Art Therapy piece (it was awful...and now it's cut up and still awful). But this felt therapeutic!!

That's all for now. The Sun is shining (and might be for the next 15 mins) so off we go to explore our neighbourhood. I'm taking the new camera, so stay tuned!

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  1. I'm jealous! It makes me miss school!!