Monday, 29 October 2012

The Great Watermelon, Charlie Brown.

The judges are still out from our pumpkin carving festivities, but to give you an idea of the pressure I was under, let me show you one line from an email I received last week:

"No pressure but I'm expecting something along the lines of Michelangelo's David given your current schooling."

While I definitely didn't attempt David, I took the Michelangelo thing to heart...

After a little research, S and I decided on Watermelons...
I dare you to attempt toting four watermelons on London transport on a Saturday night.

Can you guess what we carved?
Yes, all four Ninja Turtles. 

This did however result in a 'Who's your favourite Turtle?' debate. I would back Michelangelo all the way to the bank, but I was quickly put in my place. 

Kat toasted yummy pumpkin seeds with three different flavours. Who knew Taco Seasoning made for killer pumpkin seeds?

Despite how it looks, Paul still has all of his fingers.

How to successfully scare away all small children from ones doorstep...well done Crosby.

"No, it's not Batman!" Wu-Tang Pumpkin expertly carved by Matt Baird
Inspired by the most stolen artwork of all time.

'A' for effort Chuck and Jordan ;)

And then we named all the Vancouver Grizzlies that ever lived....oh, nostalgia.

What did one ever do before smart phones?!

Alright, give it to me straight. Which pumpkin / watermelons take the cake?

...and I'll leave you with this:


  1. I'm backing the Chanel pumpkin. You can never go wrong with Chanel

  2. I second that vote :-)