Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Baseball Bachelorette.

Last week (as you may have seen on Instagram), I attended a Stagette for a very good friend. As you'll see from the photos, the day was all about baseball.

Let me introduce you to the Bride-to-be...

We started at Nat Bailey Stadium (Sorry, 'Scotia Bank Field') for a noon hour game, had a picnic in Queen Elizabeth Park, headed down Main Street for some cold beverages, eventually ending in Chinatown at a Supper club for dinner.

It was a fun way to celebrate, without too much of the traditional 'bachelorette' shenanigans.

Though there were some...

 I'll admit, we had our 'party-themed drinking straws' (use your imagination) confiscated at the game.

Free post-game ice cream sandwiches. Scrumptious.

(Lisa's hat is lovely isn't it?....eek!)

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