Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Ripper Tour / Pat's New Video.

Last night I absolutely froze my buns off. I left a group tutorial and headed to Tower Hill to meet one of my work friends (and the group of CW students she was with) to join in on a 'Jack the Ripper Tour'. For those who don't know, the weather in the UK has been playing tricks on us all winter long. Just when you get your hopes up that it's starting to warm up, the temperature drops drastically. Yesterday was one of those days. BRRRRRRRR!!!

The Ripper Tour was fantastically gruesome, but I was too cold to be scared. Brick Lane was dark and eery. I think the kids really enjoyed it.

I'm sure you realize that Jack was never caught right? The case is still considered open, but due to the lack of forensic evidence at the time, it makes things very difficult. What is really strange is that the killings just stopped.

Some say he died.

Others say he simply tired of the slaying and chose a new career path....

Alright, enough about Jack. I'm actually writing to share something I'm very excited about. I got home absolutely frozen, quickly made dinner (at 11:30pm), had a hot bath, and received a message from my brother with a link to his new video. I'm so excited about it because I thought (you can be the judge) that it was completely awesome. They produced it up at the ranch a few weeks ago. For those just tuning in, the band is called COLDWATER ROAD. Press the link to check out their website / Calendar of shows etc.

Have a look:

What are you up to this fine Thursday? I went for a swim this morning, did some laundry, (am clearly currently distracted by the blog), and hope to work a little on my paper, before heading to work with a group of 'young carers' on an art project.

After that, I'm looking forward to hanging out in the neighbourhood with a tall drink of water I had the pleasure of meeting last weekend (AB- that little puzzle is just to keep your mind wandering, while you wait for that baby of yours!).

I'm curious what everyone thinks of Pat's new video. PRETTY PLEASE, press the comment link below and let me / him know.


  1. Great video!!! I miss the ranch...AND YOU! COME HOME! xoxox

  2. Patrick! I LOVED the video. It was so cool seeing the Ranch, too; it made me want to be there! I, too, miss the RANCH and you, C! Hurry up and come home soon! xo