Thursday, 16 January 2014

For the sake of it.

Keeping the blog up when one is working (and also attempting to fit in some sort of exercise) is more difficult than it would appear. Though time constraints appear to be the most obvious reason, my greatest challenge is
coming up with something worthy to write about when I find myself back in the routine doing the 'same old' Monday to Friday. This was a lot easier in London when at least I could juggle unforced adventures (above: a day on the South Bank) along with my school work.

Yesterday was a pretty good example of a typical weekday. I began it with a competitive curling game with my gr. 9 phys-ed class. You wouldn't believe the sass being thrown around the rink. Clearly the serious nature of the sport of curling is engrained in all of us Canadians, regardless of age.

Later in the day (back in the art studio), I took a chance and handed the music priviledges over to one of my gr. 8 boys. Surprisingly, he did extremely well, and I think I enjoyed his playlist more than the rest of the students. Mumford & Sons, and the Eagles (to name a few). A+ for Ethan.

That class was followed by another group of phys-ed students and a lesson on nutrition. "Ms. Spencer, Is a 'Tater Tott' a Vegetable?"

I left work early, and headed to the pool, where I proceeded to not fall in love. I say this because I usually fall in love at the pool. There's always someone. Seriously. Yup....or in the grocery store, or on public transit, or driving down a busy street. Mostly these scenarios end as 'two strangers passing in the night,' but a girl can dream. There is a lot of dreaming time when you have your face under water for eighty lengths. And speaking of having your face under water, when you're in the fast lane amongst some very fit swimmers, there's a lot of good things under water (did I say that out loud?).

And now for some gems I've found in the last few weeks that you might enjoy:

The January Cure (for your home) from Apartment Therapy.

And lastly, I've been loving this sight lately. IKEA HACKERS.

Tonight, I'm making dinner for Mom and Dad (excited to finally have an apartment big enough!) in exchange for their picture hanging expertise. 

We're getting there!

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