Friday, 3 January 2014

Great Minds...

Yesterday after my swim, I braved the pouring rain, and headed to Chapters to return a book. On my little adventure I noticed a painting in one of the South Granville galleries that looked awfully familiar.

If you have been following the blog over the course of my last year in London, you'll remember that my main area of focus concerned the themes of place and belonging, and all of the feelings that go along with one's experience in a new place. Over the course of the year, I examined a lot of artists who were motivated by similar themes, and became really intrigued by mapping in contemporary art.

For that reason, you'll see why this artist's work in the window on this particular rainy afternoon caught my eye. Her name is Ira Hoffecker (visit her website HERE), and she is a German artist residing in Victoria, B.C.

The painting below reminds me of a piece I wrote about it one of my papers. I love her work, as I love how abstract it is, while also holding so much personal meaning for the artist.

It REALLY makes me want to get back into mapping.

This next one is very similar to some of the work I produced last fall...

After taking a photo of her name with my iphone, I looked her up when I returned to my apartment. I read her Artist Statement and couldn't believe how much I could relate. Click the link to her statement and have a read for yourself. It's funny when you think an idea is unique to your own personal experience, and then you realize just how many people have been moved by similar feelings. I spent an entire year scraping away at an idea that had been been explored so many times before... 

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