Tuesday, 18 March 2014

That's Amore!

I'm Back. What do you mean you don't believe me? Ok, yes, once again, I begin by apologizing for the lack of regular posts. Truthfully, I'm still as excited about the blog as I ever have been, I'm just admittedly doing a crumby job of prioritizing this little hobby of mine. It seems BTBU has taken a back seat to the likes of PVR. Not acceptable. Noted.

I'm a few days into my Spring Break, and decided that one of my (many) goals for the time off, would be to put a little TLC into the blog, so hence why you're hearing from me.

Spring Break (unofficially) started a little early ('Thirsty Thursday' to be precise) for me, when Chris and Morgan initiated a family pizza party (sans parentals).

Morgan has a little secret cookbook, by Pete Evans titled, "Pizza"(aka. the best pizza recipes this side of Napoli).

As you'll see from the photos, Chris and Morgan had it down to an art. We feasted on delicious pies all evening long, washing them down with a few cold beers.

You can see the pizza bible on the counter.

This one (below) was my favourite...

Look at that technique...

As I probably don't need to tell you, the only down side to pizza evenings is the clean-up. I would say that despite this, it was worth it, but that would be an assumption, as I didn't help with the tidying, so I wouldn't know. Dishes became a 'blue job' while Morgan helped me store some of my unused apartment items in the crawl space.

Click the link to find out where you can purchase your own copy of the amazing pizza bible.

Stay tuned for more highlights from my Spring Break Staycation 2014!

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