Thursday, 2 January 2014

Puddle Jumping

Let's talk about New Year's Resolutions....

Here are SOME of mine (I figured if I shared, at the very least, you can hold me to them):

1) Take back the blog (translation: less PVR, more blog)

2) Try to make one new recipe a month (seems manageable doesn't it? Perhaps, but I've failed at this a few years in a row, so here we go again)

3) Take a photography class

4) Start to take a more Contemporary approach to my lesson planning

5) Continue to 'take back' Vancouver one foot in front of the other

6) Speaking of feet...sort out my own foot (More physio / Gait analysis...whatever else this might entail)

7) Keep the swimming going (perhaps attempt a flip turn without getting water up my nose.....sillyness...that will never happen)

8) Create a realistic budget that will help alleviate some of this loan stress

9) Find a job in London for the summer (essential)

10) Make some time for my own Art

I spent New Year's day with Nicola in Stanley Park. We walked through the trails to Beaver Lake (breaking in my new wellies), and then had a lovely afternoon Tea at The Teahouse.

So far, 2014 is looking just fine.

Okay, that's enough puddle jumping from the two of us! Can you believe I contemplated the Polar Bear swim in English Bay (for about 1 and a half seconds), then I realized it would be a cold day in hell when I could make myself wade quickly into icy water. Jumping in off a dock would be a different story (there's another thing you can hold me to).

Here's to 2014!

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