Thursday, 13 June 2013

Coldwater Road and the Peak Performance Project.

Consider this a quick post of me exercising my rights to brag as a proud older sister...

What am I about to boast about? My brother Patrick's band, Coldwater Road (I've mentioned them before here) has just been named one of the top twenty B.C. Bands chosen for The Peak Performance Project.

While Pat downplays how awesome this feat is, it really does show that hard work and perseverance (not to mention obvious talent) can pay off.

While the project grants amazing opportunities to budding artists, I think the greatest overall benefit is the momentum the bands will experience (okay, as well as the air time on The Peak 102.7FM). The project has a carefully planned progression, throughout which, the top twenty will work their tails off on stage, in boot camps, fine tuning their craft, creating proposals, and learning how to market themselves all with the aim of making it to the Top 5 in November. Although I'll miss out on the initial July concert, I'm so happy I'll be home when things really begin to heat up.

Congratulations to Pat and the Band!

Follow their journey, and keep your fingers crossed! You can also check out their website and listen to their music here

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