Wednesday, 26 June 2013

One Year Later...

Happy One Year Blogiversary!

Can you believe I've been doing this silly thing for a year now? It's funny to think about the turn life has taken since I started the blog. It's definitely been a year full of self-discovery. I think I've been out of my comfort zone more than I've been it it, which definitely keeps life exciting. I'm sad that my year in London is almost over, but I'm also excited about the many things I plan on packing into the summer that lies ahead of me.

I wish I had something amazing to write about today, but the words aren't flowing. I've just survived my 3rd VIVA and completed (as long as I pass) four out of five modules for my MA. It's fair to say my brain is on vacation for a few days until I can get the momentum to start preparing for the final show.

My weekend was great, but a little less eventful than the previous week. On Friday I met some friends for dinner in Brixton Village. After dinner we grabbed some beers and danced with the Village DJ until he closed down shop.

I spent Saturday setting up for our Show (opening next weekend), and then headed out in Shoreditch with the Canadian crew on Saturday night. 

A night bus bringing me home in time to see the sun rise meant for a lazy Sunday. H and I started to plan our adventure to Cinque Terre, and I watched the first episode of Mr. Selfridge. Have you seen it? Jeremy Piven is TERRRRRRRIBLE in it. I think he was put on this earth to play Ari Gold and Ari Gold only (Entourage). I'm selling it well aren't I? In all honesty, it's cute, and makes an attempt at filling my 'Downton Void'. I'm told it gets much better after episode 3.

I will let you know.

And because I don't have anything more exciting to tell you...

Here are some things I've come across and enjoyed in the last few weeks:

1) A late Realization that Will and Charles had ridden right by me during Trooping the Colour and I had no idea. A look back at my photos (see first picture above), and sure enough, there they were escorting Her Majesty. Guess I'll know for next time.

2) The Guide to Wearing Heels (Mom sent it to me prior to Ascot)

3) I think these Collages are Fantastic!

4) I need to get my hands on a camera bag/purse like this!

5) A potentially yummy casual summer recipe that I need to try.

6) A picnic perfect for Vancouver or London....or Seattle...or get the idea!

7) Lastly, I need one of these in a EVERY colour.

Did you have a good weekend? I have some exciting adventures on the horizon, but I don't want to jinx things. 
Let's just say, I'm hoping to have some strawberries and cream in the near future :)

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  1. Wow I can't believe it's been a year! Time flies! I've so enjoyed reading about all your adventures, sometimes feels like you aren't really that far away at all. But I still miss you so COME HOME already ;)