Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Sunday at the Club.

On Sunday we headed to Ham Polo Club. It had been ages (2006) since I'd been to a Polo game, so I was overdue. There are quite a number of clubs in and around Greater London, and it is quite easy to find a few matches or even a tournament on most Sundays in the summer. The Club is in Richmond. Only two stops by train and a short bus ride.

She's baaaaaaaaack.

We paid ₤5 for a picnic entry ticket and were able to see at least 5 games. That's twenty Chukkas! While it started out with light showers, the sun soon came out and we had a wonderful afternoon. It was so relaxing, we are already looking at the schedule for next weekend.

I assume this is for working on your swing?
Please correct me if I'm wrong. Harry?

I loved these two...(seemed appropriate on Father's Day)

Who needs a game? I could have been happy just taking in the scene.

And quite the scene there was...

Hello Charlie.

 I earned my keep by stomping in more than my share of divots. The girls weren't keen to get out there, so I felt the need to stomp away for all of us....in my flip flops. Not ideal.

The spectators are asked to fill in the divots between every match, so that makes for a lot of stomping.

Pretty pleased with myself. Glad you can't see my feet after I'd stomped all over the field.

After a few games the girls decided it looked like fun (actually I think they felt badly as I was giving them such a hard time- that's ok, I'll take sympathy stomping over no stomping).

S- This one has your name on it!

And at some point we had to check out the players...

As the sun made it's way to the horizon, we headed back to our charriot (the bus), and headed for home. Fresh air, sunshine, and country sports, I'm not complaining.

Who's up for next Sunday?


  1. Yes please!! Count me in :) You make it sounds like the perfect way to spend a lazy sunday afternoon, great entertainment and some lovely eye candy to boot!
    Also, was it planned that you're all wearing stripes? Love it!
    x x
    {The Lobster & Me}

  2. Ummm how did you not instagram the best photos from this (ie the very handsome men) Can you pleeeeeeease pack one in your suitcase for me when you come back? There seems to be a plethora of them there, unlike here.
    Also I will always stomp the divots with you. xo

    1. It was VERY tempting! Why don't you just come visit me and we can go find some!
      As for the divots- I thought of you and H and Rozzy all day as I knew you would be stomping with me!!
      -On the negative side, unlike 'M' and Crew in Barbados- this khaki-clad crew didn't approach us :(