Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Seattle's Finest...

If you follow my instagram account @beyondtheblueumbrella, you will have realized that last weekend, there was a quick jaunt across the 49th parallel. Operation 'wing-woman' was in full effect. I received the call from my best friend mid-week to accompany her (along with 10 others) down to Seattle for a friend's (her friend's) bachelorette festivities. Yes, I was a tag-along, but pleased to be included none the less. I would have called it a bachelorette 'party', but that simply doesn't do it justice. I had only met the bride-to-be a handful of times prior, and little did I know just what she and her sorority gal-pals were capable of.

Every minute of the weekend was planned. This group of friends had set the bar high when it came to hen parties, and this one was going to be no exception.

Their weekend included an r-rated pyjama party, a tasty brunch, a scavenger hunt around Seattle, A toga-clad evening on the town, and Sunday afternoon tea at the Fairmont. What a weekend. Due to unforeseen circumstances, K and I had to miss out on some of these events, but had a weekend full of laughs none the less.

My favourite breakfast spot: The Crumpet Shop (by the market)


*Special note to friends and family: Should (ahem..WHEN) I get married, unless you want me in the fetal position, hiding under the bed, rocking back and forth, STAY CLEAR of the stripper

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