Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Ladies Night.

On Friday evening a good friend from high school hosted some of us for a wine night at her beautifully decorated North Shore apartment.
Nights like these mean a lot to me, as they remind me of one of the crucial elements that were missing from what was otherwise an amazing year in London. Childhood friends. These girls women, know me inside and out. We can talk (and laugh) about anything, and although we are sometimes critical of each other, deep down there is a true friendship that has stood the test of time. I did have some fantastic friends in London, but I was always aware of how much I missed my nearest and dearest friends.

'A's' place was amazing, and she put out a tasty spread for us. Friday evening's wines were from France (thanks to A's wonderful husband), and the glasses were never empty. Although we are all at different stages in our lives, I feel so fortunate, that when we get together, it is as though nothing has changed.

Nicola's prosciutto wrapped mixed greens.

One of the best parts of the evening happened when A's husband arrived home (yes, he was told to take their little one and vacate) and we got to hang out with Finn. He was born while I was in London, and I had only met him for the first time last week when 'A' and I met for a little walk along the seawall.

He is definitely my favourite little man!

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