Friday, 29 November 2013

It's a BIG day.

Words cannot describe how excited I am about this evening. Tonight my movers (brothers) are helping me move the larger items into my new apartment.
Two of my good friends are then going to assist with the smaller items tomorrow. I am definitely grateful for friends and family...and my parents are definitely grateful that they are in Mexico (coincidence?).

I'm excited to be in a new area of town in a space I can decorate and call my own. I think my living space was one key factor preventing me from truly feeling excited to be back. My new place is a character building in the South Granville neighbourhood of Vancouver. The best part of this building is that it is newly renovated. My old apartment was far from that, so it'll be nice to have the character along with the 'sparkle', and a new area of town to explore.

I promise, as soon as it's organized and the boxes have disappeared, I'll blog about it. It'll be a bit of process before it starts looking sharp (so I'm trying not to get too excited), but hopefully it'll be fun to follow the transformations along the way.

It's going to be a busy weekend for me. Fingers crossed the rain/snow combo they have forecasted doesn't happen. What have you got planned?

Do you remember this?

....oh, the early days of the blog

 (Can you believe yesterday was #200? Yes, it was. I forgot all about it!)

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