Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The. Boat. Race.

Isn't it funny that despite the very basic name of this race, all the British know exactly what event you are referring to and who the participants are? Tradition. On Sunday (sans Easter eggs) 'S' and I headed to watch the 159th annual boat race. For those who are not familiar with 'The Boat Race', it's an annual rowing race on the Thames between Oxford and Cambridge University.

Looks Sunny doesn't it? It wasn't. Coldest Easter on Record. This pic is from here.

We bundled up and headed to The Crabtree Pub in Hammersmith to watch the race. I love the pub because it has a huge beer garden terrace, and a lot of character. It doesn't hurt that on boat race day, it is brimming with tall men. 'S' was like a kid in a candy store, and I certainly wasn't complaining. Rowers EVERYWHERE.

We started with Pims, transitioned to Bloody Mary's...and then Mulled Wine became the obvious choice when it was time to head outside and man our post at the railing.

The race itself started at 4:30pm, so at about 4:00, we ventured out to grab a spot where we could see the boats.

Loving the effort of the girl beside me, trying to hold her spot at the railing.
Cowichan Mittens and Mulled Wine, yes, coldest Easter Sunday on record.

Here they come.

Referees, media etc..
The Marines ensured there were no unwanted guests (Like last year...read)

And in case you weren't following the results...Congratulations to the Oxford Crew who won by a length and a half. 

Have you ever seen tights and wellies looking so fine?

from here.
Lastly, if you didn't make it to 'THE BOAT RACE', there were other options...



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