Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Birthday Burgers @ Byron

Last week my dear cousin turned another year wiser. As we are both up to our ears in essay writing, she wasn't up to doing anything huge on the big day. I'm sure you're sick of hearing about the papers, but unfortunately it's our reality right now, and can be blamed for why I only managed to post once last week. Sorry.

We had been hearing about how Byron made the best burgers in London, and seen as they are a stone's throw from our place, that's where we headed. Their philosophy is simple burgers done right. Meat sourced from Scotland, minced daily, and cooked to medium, with fresh simple toppings.

I was more excited about ordering a milkshake than anything else :) 

What did we order? 

I chose the Chilli Burger and a Chocolate Shake, 'S' got the Cheese Burger and a Vanilla Shake, and we split a side of Fries. Delicious! 

...though next time I'm totally getting the Courgette Fries, and an Ice Cream Sunday!

You Hungry Yet?

....but a birthday can't stop there, so we headed down the street to the Holy Drinker to meet the girls and have some Whisky. 

Yeah we did :)


  1. Looks amazing...makes me want to fire up the bbq tonight!

    1. Yeesh. Wish I could say the same. While you guys are getting sunburnt over Easter weekend, it's snowing here, I have no backyard, and I definitely don't have a BBQ in it!! Send me some sun!!