Friday, 5 April 2013

Road Trip.

You could say I'm slightly excited...

I've been working my bottom off the last few weeks in order to get a decent start on my papers in anticipation of my parents visiting. The time has finally come (well, almost). On Sunday, I'm off to Heathrow (hopefully a little richer after betting on Saturday's Grand National) to meet them at the airport, jump in their rental car (with dad driving on the wrong side of the road...windshield wipers going off instead of turn signals...normal right?) and head off on our Adventure. The plan is to tour England and Wales (and possibly Scotland if we aren't too rushed), and then head back to London for me to show them the sights and sounds of the city, before mom and dad head off to France. Our first stop is Oxford (which I can hardly wait to get back to) and then we're heading to the Cotswolds. From then on, your guess is as good as mine. My only regret is that the boys can't be here to explore with us.

I will blog when I can, and definitely when I get back. I plan to pack the instruction manual for my camera, so hopefully you'll see some improvements in my point-and-shoot technique.

As for the three of us (opinionated souls) in tight quarters for a few weeks...wish us luck!

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