Sunday, 18 January 2015

Mrs Robinson(s)...

What a week. Back to work, and once again adjusting to a new sleep schedule after single handedly jet-lagging myself over the holidays. An amazing feat considering I never left Pacific Standard time.
We had a couple of long workdays. Tuesday afternoon was a staff meeting to discuss our Lockdown procedures (in a nutshell: get creative) in the new glass building. I managed to throw in a date (unsuccessful) on Wednesday evening, and Thursday was a new student/parent information night, which had me at work until seven.

And here we are.

I’ve spent the weekend hanging out with friends, window shopping, walking in the endowment lands, enjoying some organic pie, baking pizza, watching suits, making homemade soup, watching more suits, painting, and avoiding football. Sorry Seahawks.

I’ll be quite excited when January is over, as it has definitely felt quite January-like.

One foot in front of the other…

Here’s a little story from last night that made me smile:

I was out with a friend in Gastown. It was pouring rain, but we were cozy inside, saddled up to the bar enjoying some wine, in the Irish Heather. We were just contemplating calling it a night, when we were approached by a tall handsome stranger, giving us the usual ‘chat’.  He wasn’t shy about disclosing that he was a professional freestyle skier (this explained all of his gortex clad ‘bro’s’ ), and was generally giving us the hard sell. After little concrete progress (on his part), and in a last ditch attempt to cast his nets, he asked for both our numbers.

I asked for some ID.

DOB :1992

Well, that’s a first. 

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