Friday, 9 January 2015

A Holiday Review.

On a regular Friday, I would be counting down the last thirty minutes of work, anticipating the weekend ahead. Today (although I hate to admit), I've only been out of my apartment for thirty minutes, and out of bed for three hours. Extremely unproductive / lazy. Yes it's Friday, but I'm three days from the end of my holiday, and the dreaded 'Sunday Feeling' has officially set in.

In an effort to ignore the inevitable, I thought some 'snipits' from the last three weeks might be in order.

We spent Christmas up at the ranch, packed into the cabin with cousins, grannies, and 'plus-ones'. It was glorious. I made a Christmas wreath for the gate (thanks to my skills acquired earlier in the month from Nicola Adam), we went on walks through the snow, played Pitt until the cows came home (not really...we don't have cows), and had the best boxing day in the history of boxing days. Santa was also very kind.

The Makings of a Black Pine Wreath...

Embracing my inner 'Lumber Sexual'...

Harmon Lake, untouched...

An Aspen Grove along our walk...

Who needs board games?

My 'hand-me-down' skates. I don't think they've been sharpened in decades.

Boxing Day festivites at the lake. Complete with Cheese fondue, truffle oil popcorn, and apple cider. Simply the best!

I continue to work on my resolutions. I've made little progress on the art, but I did cook spinach and ricotta dumplings last night for some friends. I've also just returned from an appointment with an Osteopath. She's taking a more holistic approach to my nagging foot issues, and so far, I'm sold. I guess we'll see.

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