Thursday, 15 August 2013

London's Best (and oldest) Pie 'n Mash Shop.

Yesterday, 'M' took me on an adventure to an authentic Pie 'n Mash shop in Bermondsey. After a little research, I found out, it wasn't just a random pie house. It's the oldest surviving eel and pie house in all of London. It is called M. Manze.

It was tasty comfort food. I didn't have the jellied eel, and neither did 'M'. I'd tried them before, so he let me off the hook. Phewf! As you'll see, the place hasn't changed in years, the customers are devoted, and the menu is basic. Do you want a pie, or do you want a pie with mash? There were no 'Mushy Peas' but I'm told that technically mushy peas belong with Fish 'n Chips, not pies. There was another foreign green substance to take their place (it is called 'Liquor'). 'M' says it's like a parsley gravy. I'll take his word for it. It was good. We washed it down with Sarsaparilla (also a first for me). The pies were delicious, but the atmosphere was priceless. It was definitely an experience to be had.

Bermondsey is a neat area of London. Here's a little look around the neighbourhood...

Check out these characters..

This shop was VERY 'Lovely'.

I dragged 'M' into the White Cube Gallery (slightly kicking and screaming...but I know he secretly liked it). 

This room was very cool. It looked like you were about to walk into three large panels of glass, but it was an illusion. Trippy. It took 'M' charging through them for me to be able to get anywhere close.

You can't tell, but these were hundreds of blue erasers, slowly whittled away (the bottom ones are tiny, and the top ones have not been touched). The eraser 'shavings' are filling up the frame along the bottom edge. We liked it.

I was loving the old and new (below).

On the way home we stopped off at Selfridges and grabbed some Jeans for 'M', and then headed to pick up some shirts that he had made at a Tailor near London Bridge (I'm a good personal shopper). He's a huge fan of this place. Champagne while you wait. Large leather chairs, and friendly unpretentious staff (ahem..unlike other more renowned areas of London).

Where was this guy when I spent the year lost in London?

Neat place hey?

I'm awarding 'M' top honours for terrific London adventures, as so far his batting average is pretty darn good.

After saying our goodbyes, I spent the evening quite mopey (again sad about leaving...I'm sure you're getting tired of hearing that, but I can't seem to shake this tightness in my chest, and tears so close to the surface every time I think about getting on a plane).

I did some work on my exhibition, made dinner, and then began to work on this post. It was at that point that a friend sent me THIS. Yes, we (Miriam, Daniela, and Me) made the final cut of Celebrity Master Chef. Apparently our episode aired last night (but I wouldn't know as I don't have a television!). If you watch it, NO, I don't remember saying any of that! The experience was fun, the food TERRIBLE, and gaaaad do I ever look like the living dead. Oh well, another silly story to add to this wonderful year.

sidenote: if your link doesn't work, it's because it will only show in the UK (suckers!..guess you can't watch it!)

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