Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Four Finds...

I can feel a cold coming on. I promised myself I'd be in bed by 9:30pm. It's 9:36. This will be a quick one.

Four Great Recent Discoveries:

1) Creative Paper Crafts just in time for Valentine's day...(as seen on Bohemian Vintage)

2) Homemade Tea Bags using your favourite loose leaf...press the link for the step by step (Cupcakes and Cashmere).

3) Awesome Personalized Stationary you can order online...(as seen on Cup of Jo)

4) And this AMAZING WHITE QUILT that given my recent focus on place, being, and mapping, I'm pretty certain I need. I have to credit S with finding this, but now I'm obsessed.

There are many more cities on the company website and you can even request places that are meaningful to you. How cool is that? I also love the ski hill maps.

I love that it's white and you can dress it up as you please. I also love that if you didn't realize what you were looking at, you might miss it.

Very cool.

1 comment:

  1. I will definitely be attempting to make my own tea bags one rainy afternoon. Loose leaf tea really is the best, but having it in bags makes it a lot easier to steep.