Monday, 3 December 2012

Winter Wonderland.

Here is my humble account of Friday night's festivities. As I mentioned last week, we headed to Hyde Park to explore London's Winter Wonderland. I'll start by saying it far exceeded any expectations I had. That being said, I hadn't set the bar very high. I was expecting a sign reading 'Winter Wonderland' (rocket science, I know), and an ice rink. Perhaps a Ferris Wheel?

But as you'll see below, there are many things I didn't bargain on.

We started with mulled wine...

looking dapper... 

Cousins in matching scarves....what?
grabbing our ride tokens.

Off we go...
Once again, my pictures don't really do it justice (I swear, the photographer was not as intoxicated as it appears), so you'll have to google it, or go for yourself to see what it's truly like.

The theme (whether intentional or not) seemed to be Oktoberfest meets the Alps. The main fairway consisted of venders selling sausages, schnitzel, mulled wine, and various Christmas ornaments, disguised behind snow capped log cabin facades.

The ice rink was quite small, given the magnitude of the rest of the experience, but the rides were far more elaborate. It was my feeling that the 'Carnies' were less scary, but reflecting on this, I think I was fooled by their accents (as I am with English School children).

The Fair closed at 10pm (sharp), and we'd had a few more drinks than we'd planned at the pub earlier, so our Winter Wonderland experience was quite rushed. We quickly grabbed mulled wine on the way in, hit up one of the roller coasters (seen above), and were given the boot out of the grounds soon after.

What next?  A piano bar in Kensington of course.  Sopranos was the name. You thought the photos above were sketchy. Below is somewhat self explanatory. Pretty much the direction the night took us from there.

The mountain of layers that needed to be shed upon arrival.
We danced and sang at the top of our lungs along with the piano man. Overall, another awesome evening, and definitely an establishment to keep in the back pocket.

Hugs all around...

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