Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Christmas day at Black Pine Ranch.

Here are just a few pictures from Christmas day at the ranch. It was definitely a white Christmas, snowing all day (17 inches at last measurement).

On Christmas morning, we woke at leisure, some more leisurely than others (I was pounced on by two brothers and a black spaniel), opened our stockings, and enjoyed yummy plates of eggs benedict. I'm pretty sure we didn't start the tree until close to 2pm. I'm a big fan of a long drawn out Christmas. The longer it lasts the better (others in my family may disagree).

Santa knows what the boys like!

Patrick kept us entertained...
...and so did Granny (Santa brought us all Kazoos...what was he thinking?!!)

When we finished our gift exchange, we had lost the sunlight, but there was still a need to stretch the legs. The boys headed out for a snowshoe, and mom, dad, and I, walked up the road to visit the horses and give them a little gift of some extra Christmas Hay.

View of the back side of the cabin from the road.

Prepping for dinner...

Turkey is out of the oven (16 lbs)

We ended the day with a huge Turkey dinner, a round of 'Guesstures', tea, and treats. After everyone else was asleep, I checked out Christmas day pictures of the Royal Family on their way to Church, and watched the Queen's address (shocking, I know). 

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and happy Boxing Day!

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