Monday, 16 December 2013

The Playgroup.

Last week the family (excluding Chris) headed off to the engagement party of a close family friend. It was a Thursday evening, we were all exhausted from the work week, and not yet embracing the holiday spirit that comes after multiple Christmas parties and social gatherings.

We should have known what an incredible night it would turn out to be. We drove home with grins plastered ear to ear, reflecting on the wonderful evening, spent catching up with friends we rarely get to see.

A little background...

When my mom was about to have me, a group of women (also expecting their first) formed, "The Playgroup". It was a group for mothers with new babies, and served a social purpose for both the women and the children, but was also a means of spelling off one or two while the others looked after the kids. Great idea right?

Well, these women never would have known that "The Playgroup" would have multiple rounds, and 33 years later, the children of the Playgroup would remain friends.

Many of us are still single, but Alli's engagement was the best excuse for all of us to gather, and welcome her fiance into the crew 33 years late.

Here we all are as kids (I'm the classy one in the pink smock with my tongue out).

And as big kids...

Can you pick out the siblings?

Some of the founding moms.

...and the dads who take credit for all of this.

The happy couple (Alli and Dave).

Alli and her mom, Jennifer, looking gorgeous in matching red.

How was your weekend? 

I had the greatest weekend I've had in a LONG TIME. 

It started on Friday with a work party ending in debauchery (aka The Roxy), continued on Saturday with another fun Christmas gathering of my Art colleagues. After that party ended, I headed down to the Blarney Stone to meet up with a crew of Aussi surfers I'd met the night before. Am I ever glad I did. We hit it off like a house on fire, and had the greatest evening  (which this blog cannot do justice).  Lots of laughs, and hilarious conversation. It felt like we'd known each other for ages. 

I finished off the weekend watching The Holiday, drinking mint tea, and marking Art projects (Bliss- minus the marking part).

Four more full days of work, until the much anticipated winter break, and only a few days until some of the London crew make their way home for the holidays. I can't wait!

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