Saturday, 12 October 2013

Showcase Showdown

On Thursday night my brother's band (Coldwater Road), played their hearts out
in their Peak Performance Project showcase at Fortune Sound Club.

It was awesome. They killed it. 
Yes, I'm slightly bias, but was I ever proud. 

While watching my brother on stage it became very clear that this is his calling.
If you were there to watch him and see just how happy he was up there, you would agree. The energy he brought to his performance was fantastic.
Now we just have to hope somebody out there with some extra pocket change and perhaps some music industry connections feels the same way.

So now that they've done all they can do, we wait. There is one more showcase (four more bands to perform) next Thursday, and then it's up to the judges.

Who will win $100,000?

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks to all of the friends and family that came out to support Pat and the band. I know they felt the love, and it truly meant a lot to all of us. It was so much fun to cheer him on, surrounded by familiar faces. I'm looking forward to watching how this all unfolds.

Until to Black Pine to gobble some Turkey!


  1. How awesome for your brother - what a great sister you are to be his biggest fan!

    1. It was soooo great! I'm so excited for him. I couldn't not blog about it :)

  2. Ummm I would like a photo credit please ;)
    And yes it truly is his calling, and he most certainly killed it up there!