Monday, 30 September 2013

California Raisins.

One of the highlights of last weekend's Sonoma wedding was a wine tour of three Vineyards. Most of us had a hearty breakfast in preparation, but little did we know, spitting would not be an option. Each vineyard gave us at least three tastings, though some gave us four, and the third, handed us three different (full glasses) of champagne. It goes without saying most of the guests sunk into a deep sleep after a day of drinking and sunshine, but was it ever fun!

The Vineyards we stopped at were:

1) Ravenswood Winery

2) Buena Vista Winery (the oldest winery in Sonoma)

3) Domaine Carneros Winery (the champagne stop)

Have a look at our day...

Heading off in our Charriot-

H, catching up on some work between tastings.

The bride and her uncle.

Using a 'wine thief' to taste from the barrel.

Walking up to Buena Vista Winery.

The Count of Buena Vista is alive and well.

The Ladies.

Enjoying a scrumptious picnic lunch from The Girl & the Fig.

Domaine Carneros.

A little photo shoot with the bride and groom to be...

Nice colours boys.

On the whole, what a wonderful day, and an amazing way for all of the guests who had made the trek down to California to get to know each other. Nothing like countless glasses of wine to break the ice. I would have loved to have brought some bottles home, but my carry-on luggage wouldn't allow it. Next time!

Stay tuned for the spectacular wedding day...

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  1. What a wonderful sunny trip, everyone looks so smiley and relaxed.
    x x x
    The Lobster & Me