Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Date Myself Day.

Yesterday I had the day off school and wanted to give myself a little treat. I had been researching papers, writing papers, and producing art non-stop for the last few weeks. My final paper of the fall term was finished (well, almost- I still had to cut out 175 words), and it was time for a much needed break. I took myself on a date.

I headed to Sloane Square. First stop, the Saatchi Gallery.

Here are some of the things I saw... (if you'd like more detail on the current exhibitions, click here.)

**there was a 2 room photography exhibit that I'm not showing you as I power walked both rooms somewhat disturbed...I might have lingered longer had I been able to find an artist's statement to explain what was on display. Unlucky.

Yes, it's glass. Broken shards. Cool right?

These collages reminded me of Romare Bearden's work.

Aorta Anyone?

I loved the pieces below. They were painted on the back side of tracing paper with pastel on the top side. I might try this myself...stay tuned!

Some close-ups...

Ange- this reminded me of your Art 9 crumpled paper project :)

Hard to eat lunch after that last one...but I did. 

Lunch and some excellent people watching at Cafe Fratelli in Duke of York Square.

Parma Ham and Brie Panini. Yum!

...and a stroll along the Kings Road.
What did I wear to date myself?

there you have it.

My small purchases: A new book, A mug (Anthro £8)  that I miss from home, and a new scarf (Zara -£16)

  I finished my 'date' with my feet up, tea in my new mug, and a treat from the bread stall on 
Northcote Rd. I guess I better figure out how to eliminate those 175 words!


  1. Good choice on the book! Read that one a few years ago and loved it!

  2. What a wonderful way to spend a day! Loved the trip through the gallery! D